Who is my water provider?  That is determined by where you live in the county; there are nine water providers serving sewer customers of Jefferson County.  If you are a Birmingham Water Works or Bessemer Utilities water customer, you receive a combined water and sewer bill.

If not, you receive a separate sewer-only bill directly from Jefferson County.  Your water provider is indicated on your utility bill and is identified by the first letter of your account number.

G - Graysville water
I  Irondale water
L- Leeds water
M - Mulga water
R - Roupes Valley (Warrior River water)
W Trussville

How to pay my sewer bill by mail?
You can pay by check or money order in the provided envelope through US mail. 
Mailing address: 716 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd North Suite 800 Birmingham, Alabama  35203
If you are a Birmingham or Bessemer water customer, you can pay the water and sewer portion in one check to your water provider

** all other customers must pay Jefferson County directly for sewer service and provide separate payment to their water provider for water service.

How do I pay my sewer bill in person?
If your sewer bill account begins with a G, I, L, M, R or W you can pay:

     Jefferson County Courthouse
     716 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. North Birmingham, AL 35203
     8th Floor Sewer Billing

Bessemer Utilities

Birmingham Water Works