Residential users are billed on a monthly basis. The Birmingham Water Works and Bessemer Utilities provide sewer billing services for Jefferson County, allowing their customers to receive a combined water and sewer bill.   All other sewer customers are billed directly by Jefferson County and receive a separate sewer bill based on the information provided to Jefferson County by their water provider.

Residential user bills consist of a volumetric charge based on the amount of water used plus a fixed charge based on the size of your water meter.

Volumetric charge
The volumetric charge is based on the amount of water metered by your water provider. For most users, the billed usage is the metered water usage multiplied by an 85% return factor to account for outdoor water use not returned to the sewer. If the residential customer has a secondary water meter for irrigation use, a [private meter] or is otherwise limited on outdoor water use, the 85% return factor does not apply and the billed usage is the same as the metered usage. The volumetric charge is then calculated according to the following schedule:


Billed Unit Volume(ccf*) Rate per ccf
Block 1 0 3 $7.01
Block 2 >3 and <=6$10.89
Block 3 >6 $12.44
 Billed Unit Volume(1000 gal) Rate per 1000 gal
Block 1 0 2.243$9.38
Block 22.244 to 4.487 $14.57
Block 3>4.488$16.65

*100 cubic feet (equal to 748 gallons)

Fixed charge
The fixed charge is independent of the amount of water used and is based on your water meter size according to the following schedule:

Meter size
5/8" $23.34
3/4" $25.67
1" $32.65
1.5" $41.99
2" $67.64
3" $256.45
4" $326.41
6" $489.61
8" $676.11
10" $862.60


Sewer adjustments or credits
If you receive an unusually high water bill you should contact your water provider for reporting purposes. Under certain documented circumstances, Jefferson County will provide a credit to your sewer bill for water that did not return to our sanitary sewer system.

Leak Adjustment Criteria & Form

Pool Adjustment Request Application

Billing questions
Answers to billing questions can be provided by calling (205) 325-5390